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8os cartoons and LJ Icons

I just spent the last half an hour or more browsing a site with a large archive of 80s cartoons (*A lot of them being ones that showed in England since it seems to be an UK based site*)


Man, I used to watch so MANY of these shows!
I'd be intrested in watching "The Mysterious cities of Gold" again. Damn the theme tune to that is awesome X3 And I think it's bad that the lead character now reminds me of Takuya for some bizarre reason >>;
Hahaha, "Bucky O Hare" was another show I used to watch, it was about some green coloured rabbit space captin named Bucky or something....I barely remember it but I used to have a Bucky O Hare action figure when I was a kid *lol*

"Dogtainian and the Muskerhounds" I remember that too XD Almost anyway.

And I can't forget "Around the World with Willy Fog" both that and "Dogtainian" were told with animal characters with all the "Dogtainian" cast being dogs of course and Willy Fog was a Lion XD

Damn, nothing like a trip down memory lane *lol*

Anyway I have some new LJ icons I've made, most of them being of Juudai *lol*

Oh the German word in one of the icons just means something like "Here the sun comes" or something like that, it's lyrics to a Rammstein song that I happened to be listening to at the time XD

And this has been another edition of Togepi rambling about nothing late at night XD
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