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Pretty Fireworks!

YAY! Bonfire night has come and gone for another year *Loves all the pretty fireworks* I went around to Helen's house and I took some very nifty photos of some of the fireworks we had, they are quite intresting when you catch them on a camera!

That was a Catherine Wheel, which didn't work for very long cos it got stuck XD

I must have moved the camera while taking this one but it was the only sucessful piccie I got of a rocket when it exploded in the sky.

Pretty Sparkles!

More Pretty Sparkles!

Red Sparkles *___*

Now THIS came out intresting! It was actually taken just after a rocket exploded in the sky and this was just as the colours were fizzling out and it made such intresting patterns in the photo, like little glowing worms *lol*

This is the BEST Photo of the bunch! I loved how it came out ^^ With all the different colours X3

More sparkly fun!

So yep I definitly had a good time :) YAY!
Man I want the full version of the GX Opening song but I can't find it anywhere XP Not even on WinMX (*Though a song called "Wild Challenger" by the same group seems popular*) I've grown to love the opening and even the ending now ^^; Oh well I'm sure it'll show up soon.
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