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The amazing drawer of no return!

*blinks* I just spent the last hour or so cleaning out one of my many drawers filled to the brim with old drawings and other assortments of things... and in only one I found:

- Many many failed Rocketshipper/Pokemon stories which made me laugh no matter how serious they were supposed to be. Incuding comedy gems like when Jesse and James get drunk and acctidently marry, Misty being pissed at Brock in the same story for not calling her in 4 years and Giovanni stabbing Mewtwo..? O_o;; (*Gosh my fics were even violent 3 years ago...*)
- Many many failed Pokémon/Digimon Stories
- Very crappy sketches XD
- Confetti
- E-mails from December, 2000....
- A Yo-yo
- My mini fan I thought had dissapered
- very crappy and rather embarassing original stories O_o;;
- a watch with no strap
- an audio tape with an Ex-Friends name on
- many pens that have run out of ink
- Fanfics I haven't read in years (*There's a Rocketshipper one called "Eyes through the soul" and it's sequel "Seasons" which I really loved when I was a younger more insane rocketshipper... might read them again cos they were very well written*)
- Bright red shorts! (*Yeah that was amusing XD*)

Well only 3 more drawers to go -_-;; Wonder what wonderful things I can find in those.

And today I learned a very important reason to WHY you should keep your bedroom clean...
...incase reletives come over and want to use your Printer O_o;; My auntie came over wanting me to print out something for her and she insisted on coming into my room no matter how much I insisted it was too messy....she said it can't be worse than my cousins room....
....she doesn't have a hamster who pushes sawdust and other random things through the bars of her cage O_O
So yeah... kinda embarassing....

Oh well back to the cleaning of drawers....
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