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I bought clay!

Meh, well Doncaster wasn't all that exciting and I barely bought anything. What I did buy though was some clay that just dries in 24 hours and you can paint afterwards, I'm gonna have some messy fun with that (*Don't expect any scupltors I do to be good, I always sucked at 3-D art at college*) I really wanna make small sulptures of anime characters though. I want to do a Chibi Juudai X3 I might practise a bit with it first though, do some characters that aren't as hard to do, maybe some kind of Pokémon or if I want to stick to Yu-Gi-Oh GX characters maybe the cat the Osiris red sensei always has with him XD;;
I'm sure I'd be able to get more of this clay from hobby stores or soemthing, at least I hope so.

I think I might try and do one today so I can buy the right paint for it tomorrow.

Maybe I'll do Little Yugi's vicious marsh mellow monster, that has to be one of the easiest to do *lol*
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