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Yu-Gi-Oh GX 5 - Chibi Juudai is teh cute!

I must say I'm loving this series more and more and now it
even seems to be growing a storyline X3

So we start off with Asuka going to some run down building and
placing a rose by the wall that surrounds it.

Anyway afterwards we join Shou, Juudai and the koala Guy (*Hayato*) who are sat
around a table in their dorm  the only light coming from a candle. Shou
seems to be trying to tell a scary story or something. As he explains we see a
scene where he's in some kind of cave and sees the dark magician card in some
water then something grabs him and pulls him into the water. Juudai isn't the
least bit scared, but Hayato is cowering behind them XD

After Juudai picks a few cards off the top of some deck or other in front of him
he seems to go into his own story which I really want to know if he's reminiscing
about something that happened to him when he was a child because if it is then
this is highly interesting.

Ya see we are treated to some kind of flashback maybe where Juudai is only an
ickle kid (*Ahhh, he's so cute and small X3*) He's asleep in bed when he hears
voices and a light coming from a door. He walks over to it and when he reaches
out for the door the light and sounds go away. He walks into the room and
nothing is there besides his toys and a deck of Duel Monster cards. He walks
over to the cards, picks them up and opens the case.

He seems to have Shou and Hayato on the edge of their seats listening then he
says something to make them sigh, but afterwards his thoughts turn to Hane

Who else thinks there is a lot more to Juudai than meets the eye? There is defiantly
something about him which I think will be revealed in a bigger storyline.

Anyway then Daitokuchi or whatever his name is (*Er...the cat
guy*) comes in and after picking a card starts rambling on about Shadow games
and legendary items then leaves XD

Of course good ol' Chronos is stalking Juudai AGAIN (*Pervert*) and is stood
outside their dorm.

Now this is the interesting bit, we first meet Titan in an
alleyway in the city with another duelist and he has what looks like to be....

....the Millennium Puzzle!?

Only this puzzle the eye in the middle looks more....snake-like. Either way it
shines and Titan says "Mind Crush" next thing we know the other
duelist is on the floor. Titan walks up to him but gets a phonecall in which he
mentioned the Duel Academy.

The next morning....Juudai and Shou are asleep in class again
XD Oh boy do they ever do any work, what in the hell do they teach in these
classes anyway? O_o; And yes Chronos is STILL stalking Juudai...


Afterwards he meets Titan...blah Chronos is staring to go to very extreme
lengths to have juudai beaten that's all I can say -_-;;

Anyway Juudai and co travel to the spooky rundown house and
there meet Asuka. I think Asuka mentions her brother before she leaves them. Or
at least she seems to say "My Older Brother" or I might be hearing
things XD;; Anyway Juudai and co head off into the building. Asuka watches them
go, but when she turns to leave she's confronted by Titan.

Anyway Juudai and co. enter a room which seems to have Ancient
Egyptian scribes all over the walls and pictures that look like the Millennium

Then Juudai comes across a Photo hung on the wall of a boy who basically
looks like the male version of Asuka (*This must be her Older Brother*) and boy,
if you thought Asuka looked like Kaiba and Joey's love child, check out her
brother XD;;

Anyway on the picture there is writing in black saying "Fubuki 10


Meanwhile Asuka wakes up with her hands tied together and
she's in some very creepy looking casket. Then the eye of the puzzle glows and
she screams, obviously catching the attention of Juudai and his friends so they
run off, they soon realize it's Asuka that screamed as they find one of her
cards. So running off to help her they soon find themselves in a room with Asuka
unconscious on the other side. There they are confronted by Titan O___O

Well they start their duel, blah de blah, Titan activates some field card which
changed the field to some really creepy looking one, then just before Juudai
takes his turn the casket lid moves over Asuka and she's pulled downwards so
she's out of view.

Ah lets say Juudai's first monster, Featherman, is destroyed but he manages to
use a trap to call another monster to the field, Clayman, but it's there and
then Titan holds up the so called "Millennium Puzzle" and he uses it
on Juudai so that when he loses life points parts of his body vanish too and
since he's already lost some life points he's already missing a part of himself.

Ah well juudai ends up summoning Sparkman and fuses them
together to become "Thunder Giant" but even that doesn't go well for
Juudai as his attack backfires and it pretty much ends here O______O; I wanna
know what happens....

Hummm, in the preview of the next episode Hane Kuriboh seems to force it's way
out of Juudai's Duel Disk, the next episode is also the one where another person
can hear the voice of Hane Kuriboh, my money is maybe on Titan, Hayato is a good
choice too I guess. I'm only ruling out both Shou and Asuka because they have
been only feet away from Juudai when he's been dueling and when Hane Kuriboh has
talked to him and they didn't hear it so... *shrugs*

So this episode leaves many questions: "Who exactly is Titan? How come he
seems to have a Millennium Item? Is it a fake or real? Either way, will the
other so called Millennium Items show up?" Man I so wish I didn't have to
wait until next week to see this -_-;;


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