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Naruto stuff X3

YAY! I managed to get my first ever Naruto Merchandise today *Beams with happiness* I still can't believe that in ALL the places I could have found Naruto stuff it was in a Goth shop Helen took me into XD;;

What I managed to get were the little Mobile Phone straps X3 They only had four of the characters (*No Naruto or Sasuke unfortunatly*) but they did have Neji, Sakura, Rock Lee and one Iruka so I got them X3 Eee! They also had some more smaller versions of Neji and Rock Lee but I decided to stick with the bigger versions. I think I may use them as Keyrings more than a mobile Phone straps cos my mobile phone case doesn't have a place I can put the strap onto *lol*

So I was very happy after finding those and all in all it was an awesome day out!

Going to Doncaster with my mum tomorrow ^^ YAY!
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