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Lovely randomness about....stuff... XD

YAY! I'm going out with my friend Helen tomorrow (*Well today, it's after midnight now*) I needed some time out of the house and stuff anyway, my dad keeps barking orders at me -_-;; Hopefully Thursday I'll go out with my mum too X3 *sighs* It's too bad Sheffield has such a small Forbidden Plaent store but at least this time I'll be able to spend some time in there and not feel like I'm being rushed by my dad or something :/

Ooooh also I'm working on a Yu-Gi-Oh section for PDU, just cos I want too XD
That's currnetly what I have ^^

Hummm, one thing I probably need clearing up before I start on the small character profiles is the whole thing behind Yami Bakura/Zork. In the anime he claimed he was Zork right? So is he also the spirit of Theif Bakura aswell or not? It just confused me a lot that and was wondering if anyone else knew any better than me. There was a whole debate over at the janime forum and there were so many theories flying about it just made my head spin. I just need to know if Yami Bakura is either just Zork or both Zork and the spirit of Thief Bakura.
Some people suggest Yami Bakura is Zork and that Ryou is the reincanation of Theif Bakura O____O;;; Can you see how it's confusing me? XD Doesn't take a lot to confuse me though.

Oh well best get to bed XD
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