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So, does anyone I follow here still use Livejournal at all? My f-list, other than pkmncollectors posts, seems rather dead.

I kinda missed having a journal like this, where I could post things and chat to people easily, something that's very difficult to do on Tumblr, so I made an account over at Dreamwidth, but man, it feels just as dead there haha. There aren't even any super active communities I can find to join there.

I guess people really have just mostly migrated to Tumblr.

Oh well, I'm unsure if I'll be using this account much, if at all, so I might as well leave a bunch of links of where to find me! And if you have a dreamwidth account, feel free to follow me there! I'll probably be using it as a bit of an IRL rant space, something I don't feel comfortable doing on Tumblr and Facebook :|

Personal Tumblr - (Mostly for non-fandom re-blogs and posting photos)
Fandom Tumblr - (All my fandom posts go here. Mainly Yu-Gi-Oh stuff at the moment haha)
Art Tumblr
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I need to get back into documenting my dreams here. Cos my dreams are awesome.

So last night I had a sort of Frozen/Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal crossover dream. Unsure if there was some Pokémon in it too, there were a lot of characters about in it that I don't specifically remember so it was possible.

I do remember one part at the beginning where a bunch of people are messing about in a snow drift and Elsa eventually takes it away because it was time to do something... idk.

Anyway, whole dream takes place at a huuuge castle and I specifically remember Elsa and a bunch of people being stood by these rabbit runs (that looked exactly like the runs at the RSPCA that I worked at). These were Elsa's rabbits, she loves them apparently. But then some cop, which I think was Hans somehow, came over and was threatening to arrest Elsa for some reason, but Elsa hadn't done anything wrong so refused, so Cop!Hans threatened to take the rabbits or kill them, either way he threatened the rabbits and left. Then Elsa and a bunch of characters decided that they were gonna protect the rabbits so they all slept near the runs and each person took turns standing guard for two hours each. Nothing happened.

I remember later on Elsa was talking to someone about the rabbits and they decided to move them indoors for safety, so they moved the runs... which were now an easier to carry rabbit hutch, near to the castle before going inside, I guess to make arrangements to move them inside. But then Hans comes around but somebody notices, goes out to him, then begins singing songs while swinging things around trying to hit him "by accident". But he gets pissed off and the rabbits vanish somehow. Elsa is upset that the rabbits are gone so some other characters get called which someone met on a journey and they're investigators??? I have no idea, most of the "characters" I don't remember who they were, there's only specific ones I can remember.

Next I remember this monster or something hitting or drilling the wall of the castle, which cuts the power and everything goes dark. Elsa and the rest of the characters run off around the castle and find a very flimsy looking ladder to climb up the castle walls.
As this is all happening, a girl, possible Kotori, I am not sure, notices the blackout and looks out a window to see Hans roaming around, knows something is up and goes to tell someone, which ends up to be the Tron brothers (V, IV and III). They are in a room that surprisingly has power as they're all on computers, so girl/Kotori tells them something is up and that the power is out elsewhere so they really should save what they're doing on their computers!!
The other group of characters that are climbing the ladder reach the window where the Tron brothers are, but it takes a bit to screw open the window?? It's also really small so how people fit through it I don't know. Anyway everyone gets inside and alert the Tron brothers to what's going on, but V specifically states that they cannot, at all costs, use their powers to help, but then the lights go out in that room and everyone is attacked by ... something and III uses his Barian seal bracelet thingy, but all everyone sees is it light up in the darkness. V asks who activated it (pretty sure he would of known anyway) and someone replies it was III.

Then these weird ... bomb... things suddenly appear on the tables. Three of them. Everyone wonders what they are. ARE they bombs? Someone replies that they're Rainbow bombs?? And it's very unclear if they were put there to help everyone or if they're unstable, but they also sort of act like torches?
Others leave the room but III is exhausted cos using his Barian seal power thingy took a lot out of him.

Aaaand... that's pretty much all I remember. It was a lot more exciting in the actual dream XD
The only other thing to note was that Elsa, through the entirety of the dream, was never in her snow queen outfit, but in her coronation outfit.

I love it when I get odd dreams like this 8D
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I should really post here more.

ONLY ONE DAY LEFT UNTIL POKEMON X AND Y!! I am so excited for these games, I even used a spare holiday to take the launch day off so I could play the games all day XD Last I looked my order on Amazon was in shipping process, so it should get shipped off early tomorrow so it arrives on Saturday.
I'm glad at the beginning of the week I had college to keep me busy, or this week would of just seemed very VERY long.

I also made a cute little Tumblr blog for my Kalos adventures and such! (I was listening to Attack on Titan music when I made it. This explains the URL. Also the other URLs I wanted were already taken) I may also use it as a regular Pokémon blog and post about merch, anime ect. and I will probably blog playthroughs of future pokemon games there too.

In other exciting news, on Tuesday we're going on a college trip to Twycross Zoo! I've never been before so I am super thrilled to be going. I'm gonna take my camera and get lots of animal piccies. I just hope the weather behaves on the day, because right now it's being all blustery and rainy.
The zoo has lots of animals I've never taken photos of before (They specialize in primates) so it's gonna be awesome getting pics of them.
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So, one of my college tutors is currently hand-rearing a little baby meerkat. The little fella must only be roughly about three weeks old and he's so small and adorable! Last time I saw him he was only three days old. My tutor is letting a few people have a go at feeding him for experience and so I got to feed him today! It's so amazing feeding such a tiny little baby animal! I've never done it before and so I'm really glad my tutor gave me the chance too :) He says I should get to feed him again at some point. I do hope so!!

 photo 767380717_zps0f650f42.jpg

I'm not the one feeding him in the picture, as another girl had a go after me, but just look at the little guy! He seems very healthy and strong, so hopefully he'll make it through the hand-rearing :) He seems to be doing very well!
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Only one more week to go and I'm off college for the Easter holidays!! I'm really looking forward to it because these past few weeks have been horrendous with trying to get all the assignments in, especially when our Biology teacher decided that giving us THREE ASSIGNMENTS all at once, with two weeks to do "as much as we can", was a good idea. I'm ready to see the backs of these units now, but very glad that we won't have any other assignments to do over this break since we're starting new units afterwards. We're going to be doing Handling, Veterinary nursing, zoos, welfare and anatomy and physiology.
Handling is something I really would be looking forward to, as it's an area I need to bring my confidence up in, but... it's with the teacher that did training that I feel incredibly nervous around, urgh.

Oh well, I jut want to concentrate on the time off first and I am really hoping that I don't spend the entire two weeks doing nothing in my spare time. I want to re-organize/clean my room and the collection room too, I'm hoping to get some new shelves for the collection room so I have a bit more space to put things :) Gonna sort out what things I wanna keep and what things I can bare to part with.

Also, I want to re-organize my website, get it more up to scratch and I was also planning I might do reviews of various animated shows/movies on it, since I have been watching some new stuff lately (I spent a week or so bombing through Natsume's Book of Friends recently!) as well as wanting to re-watch old classics I watched as a kid. Might be a nice feature to the site if I can get round to writing such stuff.

I'd love to be able to do some drawing over those two weeks too.

So many plans!! I hope I don't sit around doing nothing like I usually do!!
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Sylveon Hype-Train

So, I watched today's dub episode of Pokémon and I want to join the Sylveon hype train.

I'm guessing that Sylveon will be a gender specific evolution of a female Eevee, maybe with extra help from a held item or something like that to combat continuity issues. I also think it may be a normal-type. I wasn't really completely sold on the gender-specific idea at first, until I saw today's episode.

Today's episode had Virgil and his collection of eeveelutions, including a FEMALE Eevee. They didn't have to specify the Eevee's gender, but they did.
I personally think Virgil is gonna show up again after Episode N and that Eevee will evolve, or will already have evolved, into a Sylveon. They have six months to kill between Episode N and when X and Y come out, so I can see them show-casing a few X and Y Pokémon. (Dear god what are they going to do for six months, they've practically done everything)

This is just my guess anyway, based on the fact that it just seems obvious to me that they have that Eevee in Virgil's team for a reason. I could be terribly wrong though, but guessing is fun!!

Also, Ash Pokédex'd every single eeveelution in that episode.
Ash... whhhyyyyy....
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Pokémon X And Y

OMGOMG I am so excited and ready for Gen 6 like you wouldn't believe!!

It's a shame I wasn't able to see the actual stream. I was in a class at 11am... though our current replacement teacher for functional skills didn't make us do any work at all, hahaha. I'm stuck between that it was awesome we just got to slack off a bit for a lesson and doodle on pieces of paper, to "Damn, it was kind of a wasted hour and a half and I could of seen the stream!"
Though, to be honest, no one on my course is into Pokemon, so I would of had no one to really squee with anyway.

ANYWAYS I checked all the info through Twitter while on lunch and the one girl from my class that I was with was getting the brunt of me fangirling over the new Pokemon, haha.

I LOVE all three of the new starters!! They're all so cute, though Fennekin is my favourite (Like I think it is for a lot of people) but a fire fennec fox? YES PLEASE! Chespin and Froakie are also really adorable. I'm probably gonna get both games, so I'm gonna start Y with Fennekin and then gonna train Chespin and Froakie on X.
I ADORE the new legenderies too! They both look so magestic and have awesome designs!

WORLDWIDE RELEASE! Finally! I am so glad they are doing this, releasing the games on the same day worldwide. I could tell that they may of been working up to doing this eventually, as the release gaps between games became smaller, it also allows Nintendo to have more control on the content that's released and be able to get that info out worldwide before fansites do. It's also gonna be great that we ALL get to play the games at the same time!!

Also, wow, I was blown away with the 3D graphics! More because it's great to finally have this 3D Pokemon world you can run around in, allowing for much better set out scenery and just making it feel a bit more "real" so to speak. It gives much more depth to the world. Also, European (Seems to be France) based region setting? So happy about this! I was kinda hoping that they'd do one based on Europe. This is amazing!

October cannot come quick enough!
This is going to be an exciting year of Pokemon Gen 6 news :D I LOVE NEW GEN NEWS SO MUCH!
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Woolley woke me up at about 7am this morning when I heard her chewing on something metal sounding. I got up to see if she was chewing the bars (Stereotypical behaviour that I really wish to avoid her developing) but it turns out she was gnawing at the spout of her water bottle. She does sometimes do this when she's taking a drink, but this time she wasn't drinking from it, just chewing.
I took a better look at the bottle. Water level was fine, so I squeezed it so some drops came out and landed on the ledge, which she lapped up pretty quickly, she then licked the water bottle spout, but instantly started gnawing at it again.
I figured something must be wrong with it, so I got her spare dish, filled it with water and gave it to her. She went straight to it and began drinking. I took the bottle off and took a better look at the spout and 'lo behold, the ball bearing had gotten stuck so she couldn't get any water. It must of been like that after I changed her water before going to bed, though I swear the ball bearing was fine then.

My dad has fixed it now (By pushing the ball-bearing loose with a screwdriver) but to be honest, she seems more comfortable with her water bowl. She always seemed frustrated with the water bottle, even though when the ball-bearing is okay, it works fine and I know she's getting water, I just think she's been mostly used to water bowls in the first 5 months of her life and that she was just frustrated because the water just didn't come out as fast as she liked. When she drank from it, she always gnawed at the spout, in a fashion that made me think she was trying to "push" the water down.
I have put the water bottle back on her cage, but I've put it on the other side of her cage this time, and keeping the water bowl next to the food bowl, so she uses the water bowl more. The bottle is mostly there in case she manages to do something to the bowl, but the bowl is on a ledge, so away from the shavings and it's ceramic, so it'd be difficult for her to tip up.

I FINALLY have gotten her to realize that dried mealworms are food!! This entire month I've tried offering her them. She'd take one sniff and then recoil in disgust (seriously!) I assume she's never had them before, since not many people realize that hamster's are omnivores and would naturally eat occasional bugs in the wild (I actually didn't know until I found out that colleges hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats were fed them twice a week.) After seeing a video on youtube from a hamster based channel I'm following about what they feed their hamsters, they mixed in the dried mealworms into the regular mix, so for two days, I broke up the mealworms and mixed it into her food bowl with her regular mix. I found that both days she had taken the mealworms, but was she eating them?
Today I broke a mealworm in half and offered it to her. she took it and devoured it without hesitation. Gave her the other half, same result! I'm glad that she's started eating them now :)

I have also managed to toilet train her. I'm using chinchilla sand as a litter, but it also doubles as something that she loves digging in! Sometimes she can be a bit of a pain and either kick out most of the sand, or tip up the litter box, but otherwise she is using it :) I've been changing the sand every couple of days and it really helps to keep smell down and with spot-cleaning like that (I also spot clean her nest when I can and if it needs it), it means I can extend how long she can go without a full cage clean (I was doing weekly cleans, but with her having such a big cage I found I was using up the shavings and carefresh very fast, as well as the fact that it stressed woolley out quite a bit.) I'm gonna do a full cage clean this Friday which will allow me to re-arrange her cage a bit. She currently has the most adorable log cabin house in the cage, but she's not using it. She prefers to make her own nests it seems XD

Thinking of getting her some Timothy Hay tomorrow too, so I can give her little bits to eat (And nest in, if she wants too) I'm hoping to get the one with Chamomile as I saw it recommended on the youtube channel I watch as being good for nervous or skittish hamsters and Woolley is still rather nervous, though a little less shy now (kinda depends on the mood she's in though!)

I'm just trying different things with her so I can have some good enrichment in her cage and new things to explore. As long as I keep that up, she should hopefully not bar-chew.

Pfft okay, guess I should talk about Christmas and other stuff too XD
Apparently, my friend (Who currently lives in Germany but visited her family over here for Christmas) got me a Pokémon edition Gameboy Colour :o!! I say apparently because I don't have it yet XD It arrived at her home in Germany the day she left for the UK, so I'll be getting it in March, but it's so awesome that she got that for me! She even got a little carry case for it!
Even if I don't find any games to play on it, having it simply from a retro and collecting point of view is awesome! I've always wanted a Pokemon edition games console of some sort! I really would like a copy of Pokémon Yellow or something to play on it though XD

Got quite a bit of chocolate. That's gonna last me a bit.

Oh! I ordered the Raichu and Slowpoke Pokédolls today! :D It's been a while since I last bought pokémon plushies for myself and I'm looking forward to these.

Ah, think I've written enough for today XD
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So, I gave Woolley her first cage clean out last night. She was a little freaked out by it, but took it like a little champ. I got to interact with her a little too and found that she doesn't mind being stroked all that much, which is a very good sign. She also absolutely ADORES sunflower seeds and is the one food she wasn't hesitating for when I offered them to her and she eats them straight away. Turns out she may not be all that fond of peanuts though, which is odd, I've never had a hamster that wasn't keen on them. Through the week I've found a few she's nibbled on, but only really eats half and left the rest and when I looked in her food store, there were a few uneaten ones.

I had to do a bit of an emergency clean-up this morning. After cleaning her out, I decided to move her house up to one of the ledges to stop her from hiding behind the house which she did this first week. I put her little coconut hideaway house where her original house was instead to make a little burrow and put a bit of bedding in that, expecting her to nest in there, but she chose the house on the ledge anyway. I was okay with that and gave her some bedding for it.
Only this morning I found that because her house was on the ledge now and that's where she'd chosen to sleep, she'd also decided that the corner of the ledge was a good toilet and had started peeing there making a mess of her cage and SOMEHOW my bedroom wall (How she managed to spray my wall from such a distance I have no idea XD) So I had to get her out and clean it all up and relocate her house to the lower level again, only this time I made it so she shouldn't be tempted to go behind the house. I'm hoping this means she'll go to the toilet on the lower level again if she likes to pee near to where her house is, so I've set up her potty in the corner I THINK she might use.
I'll have to keep tabs on that. (The joys of pet ownership! XD)
Thankfully, after the disturbance, she found her house and settled down fairly quickly.

Got a couple of photos of her too, though they're blurry because she doesn't sit still long enough! XD (Click for bigger versions!)

Photobucket Photobucket

Urgh, now waiting for my dad to get ready VERY SLOWLY so I can go into town, get a few more things for Woolley that I need and hopefully get something to eat. Since I had to clean up the mess Woolley made, I haven't gotten the chance to eat yet X_X
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So yesterday, I discovered the wonder that is Geocaching. It's a worldwide treasure hunt thing, where people plant boxes in various areas and you have to find said box using your GPS system. The box contains a log to write your name in, after that you can then say on the website that you found the box. The box also sometimes contains little bits and pieces people have left. If you take anything from the box, you need to replace it with something of equal value. The site sometimes has a clue as to where to look and the site often stresses to be careful of "muggles" (haha XD) who are basically regular people who won't know about the game. After all it's a hidden treasure (And also, if people see you doing it and word gets about that it's there, then it increases the chance of it being stolen.)

My friend Helen, who is currently over visiting from Germany, invited me to go and look for Geocaches in Sherwood forest with her friend Carl. So we spent most of the afternoon yesterday, wandering around the forest looking for these Geocaches. We found three in the forest which was pretty good. Each time Helen was the one that found them. I was actually stood right near the last one and never even noticed it! XD I suck as a treasure hunter!! But I was looking for a large Tupperware box (As the others we found were Tupperware boxes) but the last one was actually a dark coloured box with locks on it.

Haaa, I really loved it! It kinda reminded me of when I was younger and me and a friend of mine used to go on "treasure hunts" around where we live. Around the summer, each year, someone had drawn arrows (with chalk) on the pathways around where we lived. Who drew them and why I never found out, but my friend and I had tons of fun following them to find "treasure" (I don't think we ever found anything though!)

I've signed up for the website, in the hopes that I will be able to take part at some point. There are loads around where I live, especially up the canal. I apparently have GPS on my phone too (so my dad says) so that sounds like it'd be huge fun! Though a huge challenge too! Especially in places with a lot of people.