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26th-Oct-2012 05:11 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Adorable Togekiss
So, it looks like that at some point in the next 2 weeks - month, I'll be getting a new hamster :) I put my foot down a little with my dad and he just gave in and told me to "Do what you want". A hamster, I guess, was an easy one to win him over with, as I've had them before and after a 5 or so year break from keeping them, I feel ready for another one.

I ordered a HUGE cage for it last night. It's one of the biggest you can get in the UK. Has plenty of space for the ham-ham to run around in, as well as plenty of space for toys. It has wooden shelving that you can rearrange to your heart's content and put in as much, or as little as you want. It also comes with three wooden houses. I've been reading up a lot on this big hamster forum about various things and I probably will need to paint the shelving/houses to protect them from soiling. The people on this forum uses "Plasti-kote" which once dry, is perfectly safe for children and pets and will give the wood the protection it needs.
I'm gonna kit out the cage with loads of toys, fun chew things and hidey places. I'm also thinking of getting a playpen, which will allow me to have a fairly safe barrier to work in when playing/taming/training the hamster. Granted, it seems Syrians can climb out of it, but I'd never have the Hamster in it while I'm not watching like a hawk anyway. It'll just hopefully make initial bonding and taming a bit easier.
Though I might see if I can attach cardboard to one side of each section of frame, so the hamster doesn't have access to the bars to climb up.

I'm unsure right now where I'll be getting the hamster from. I've looked into breeders and there are a few about, but not a lot of information on them. I've also considered rescue, but again, not a lot of info on any rescue centre having hamsters in at the moment. I kinda wanted to avoid pet stores though, but from what I've read, pets at home do an adoption service now (I know the pets at home near Crystal Peaks in Sheffield has one). Usually the animals are ones they weren't able to sell, or ones that were brought back for some reason or pets given to them to find them a new home. The animals you can adopt in exchange for giving a donation, which goes into a fund to help local animal shelters. That maybe better than nothing, I guess! And it both helps out local animal shelters and could give a little ham a home that it needs.
I'll have to ask more on it if I do go in to take a look at what they've got up for adoption. It won't be for a while anyway, since I need to set up the cage and get everything for it.
13th-Oct-2012 10:08 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Excited Iris
Got Black 2 yesterday! I've only just gotten past the first gym and haven't done much more than that, but I do have my friend code for those who might want it!
0218 8692 7904
Please leave your FC's too and I'll add you! :D

College seems to be going much better now. I'm starting to feel a part of the group and I'm getting along with everyone there. They don't half put some work on you though! I just finished the first assignment that needs to be in, I worked really hard on it, so I hope I get at least a decent grade @_@ We shall see!
Already have another two assignments given, with the promise of at least another one or two next week. Eep!
16th-Sep-2012 08:33 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Adorable TR
So, after somehow avoiding getting a cold most of the year, despite being around people who had them many times, like my dad, who had a really bad one at the beginning of the year which I never caught at all, all it took was TWO WEEKS of college to give me one. Blaaah.
I managed to get through my weekend shifts at work, just, but I still feel very rough. It's weird, I don't feel off food or anything, but this cold is somehow making it harder to distinguish when I'm hungry or not, or when I'm full or not. Odd.

Gonna see what I'm like tomorrow morning. If I still feel too rough, might have to send a text to college, saying I won't be in. I really don't want to be off ill though, in case I get behind on things, but I guess I can copy any notes down I need too from someone else.

Blaaaah, this sucks.
16th-Jul-2012 11:24 pm(no subject)
mlp:fim // OoohI Wanna Play
I had a lot of fun visiting my friend who lives near Portsmouth last week, despite the weather. We did manage to do a few things, like visit the historic dockyard (And I got to look around the HMS Warrior which is roughly a 150 year old ship. One of those proper old ones with a wooden deck and canons and things! SO AWESOME!), I also got to see a place which was the remains of a Roman palace, lots of mosaic floors and such! We also went shopping in Southampton and also met another two of our friends for a meal in a Japanese restaurant!
I got some photos of the ship and the Roman palace mosaics, so hopefully I'll get around to sorting those out.
The rest of the time was spent drawing and playing Pokémon!
It was really lovely to meet her family too, they were all so lovely :)

Manchester Expo is this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it! From what I can see, they are gonna have a Nintendo stall there and one of the games they'll be promoting is Pokémon Conquest which is out a week later. Gonna have a go on any demos they might have there, I'm really looking forward to the game :)

Amecon is in just over three weeks as well, I need to make sure to book my train tickets for that this week.

OH! And I came home to good news on Friday! It seems like I may not have to pay any fees or anything for my college course at all! Nice! :D
23rd-Jun-2012 11:00 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Happy Bug!
I am so excited for Pokémon BW2! I don't have my game yet and won't until sometime next week, but I've been following the coverage and the games sound amazing with plenty of things to do, even after you finish the main story, which is what I felt B/W lacked. I got quickly bored of it after I finished the main story as there wasn't much to do.

Cut for BW2 Spoilers and suchCollapse )

Gooosh, I hope my copy arrives early, I am so ready to play this game.
7th-Jun-2012 10:30 pm(no subject)
mlp:fim // Excited Scootaloo
Because I'm super excited and thus have to post this everywhere:

The Mysterious Cities of Gold is getting new seasons, 30 years after the original. There are 3 new seasons planned, all 26 episodes long and from what I've read, they focus on Esteban and co trying to find the other Cities of Gold in other parts of the world. It's due to air in France, in September.
This video on Youtube has English subtitles if you turn them on :D
It really is looking to be a complete and faithful sequel to this amazing series.

The 3D animation looks a little odd at times, though after watching the trailer a few times, I feel I've gotten used to it very easily. It's wonderful to see the characters in much more updated animation and it's great their character designs were all kept and not changed in anyway.
Also, THEY MADE A NEW VERSION OF THE OPENING SONG! Oh my god, everyone remembers the opening song and I'm so glad they kept it and re-did it in better quality. The show would not be right without that opening theme!

Oh gosh, I can only hope it'll be dubbed into English. It would be silly if it wasn't. The original season is such a cult classic and it would be a great series for kids today to get into too.

On another note. I got an account on Netflix so I can watch "Avatar: The Last Airbender" which I honestly had never seen until I started watching it yesterday. I'd been wanting to see it, but all the Korra on my Tumblr dash made me realize "Oh hey, I really should watch this show".
I've been posting a few bits and bobs about it on my Tumblr account. Random screenshots and comments. I've watched up to episode 8 so far, I think.

And obviously now I have to re-watch the Mysterious Cities of Gold, in preparation for these new seasons! It's a good thing I have the whole first season on DVD!
28th-Apr-2012 06:10 pm(no subject)
mlp:fim // Sonic Rainboom
So I decided to take a little trip to Meadowhall and Sheffield today since I needed to get some stuff for a couple of birthdays coming up. I went looking for new ponies too, but sadly there weren't any, the Entertainer had the blindbags though! There's a Sheffield Brony meet next Saturday (Not sure if I'm going to that yet or not) and I'm sure they'll be all over those XD

I'd read on Thornberry Animal Sanctuary's facebook that they were doing a collection at the Lush store in Sheffield today and since I needed to go there for a present anyway, I decided to stop by. They had a ferret named Horace with them and after seeing so many adorable pictures of ferrets on my f-list, I just had to get some ferret cuddles from him! XD He was an absolute sweetheart and loved all the attention he was getting!
It was lovely to talk to the lady from Thornberry who was with him and the Lush staff too, they were all so nice :)


The instant he went into this lady's arms, he curled up and went to sleep XD
Oh gosh, if I ever get my own place, I'm getting a ferret!

I also managed to get 11 streetpass hits today! The most I've gotten in one day!!
24th-Apr-2012 02:11 am(no subject)
Chi // Washing!!
For the past few weeks, I've been following the facebook account of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

I did my school work experience here back in 1998 when I was 15. I mostly worked in the cattery for the entire week, even though I had the option to also work elsewhere, like in the kennels, but I remember loving the cattery so much. I remember some of the individual cats that were there at the time. There was one named "Hudson" I think and each time I cleaned the pen he was in, he jumped on my back XD It surprised me the first time, but after that I just let him do that for a few minutes, it was quite funny.
There was a kitten named Rolo, who was actually the first cat that I met when I started on the first day. He was too young to be adopted out at the time and sadly I believe the rest of his litter got sick and died, I think. During the week, Rolo got sick with the same thing, but thankfully he pulled through and even got an adoption secured for him too for when he was old enough to be adopted out.
There was also "Lorry", a three-legged tabby cat that I really grew attached to in that week, I remember begging my parents if we could adopt Lorry, but of course they said no, which probably was for the best considering my allergy that I developed a year later. I really hope Lorry got a lovely home.

Anyways, the sanctuary seems to be in a bit of a financial bind at the moment. They SOULY run off fund-raising and donations so I thought I'd try and spread the word a little for them in the hopes that people can donate, or help me to spread the word. I've posted about it on my Twitter and my Tumblr (Choco-Orange-Arts one because I have the most followers on that account) so if any of you can re-tweet/re-blog, that'd be great :)

If anyone wishes to make a donation to them, they accept paypal which is on their website: http://www.thornberry-animal-sanctuary.org/
14th-Apr-2012 01:10 am(no subject)
PKMN // Spot of Tea
I had a little mix around with my Tumblr's!

http://choco-orange-arts.tumblr.com/ - This used to be my personal one. The original "PDUTogepi" one which I have since renamed. So if you followed that one, this is the one you'll still be following. This is strictly a Tumblr for my Art and Photography now.

http://pdutogepi.tumblr.com/ - I reclaimed this Tumblr after I re-named my other one. This one will be for posting... everything else really. Re-blogs, random screenshots and musings, videos ect. will be posted in that one. I just didn't want to bog down my original Tumblr with stuff like that since I wanted to keep it mostly for art and stuff.

http://pokemontime.tumblr.com/ - Stays the same and isn't effected by any of this. I love running this Tumblr and I'm already up to Master Quest! Currently posting pictures from the Pudgy Pidgey episode :D

I did have screenshot Tumblrs specifically for MLP:FiM and Yugioh too, but they won't be updated anymore. Any screenshots I wish to post from those shows will now be posted on the PDUTogepi account. Less restrictive that way!

Other than that, I've started work on my exchange for poke_arts. Just wish my Tablet wasn't being such a pain. I think the drivers for it need updating, because ever since I installed XP Service Pack 3 every so often the computer will complain that the Tablet failed to work. I was, and still am, wanting to get a new updated tablet anyway. Maybe I'll get the one I want sometime around my birthday.
7th-Apr-2012 08:55 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Excited Iris

So, I was just randomly hatching Snivy's on my Black game, mostly just to collect some females for trade over the GTS, when on the 4th egg, BAM! Shiny Snivy! XD
I was using the Masuda Method, as I do with almost all Pokémon I breed, just in case I ever got lucky and today I apparently got lucky! It's the first shiny I've hatched that wasn't RNG'd XD It's also my 4th B/W shiny (As a friend of mine gave me her shiny Joltik and Shiny Klink that she randomly encountered on her game, plus I got the shiny Golurk event.)

Now to find him a suitable name!

EDIT: Decided to name him "Sherwood", after Sherwood Forest.
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