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Oh You Crazy Customers .__.

Sound Duel 2 is in shipping process~~~! :D And I'm REALLY looking forward to 5D's on the same day~~~!

Also had a very very weird thing happen at work today. Some foreign guy comes up to me on the basket till and buys like one very small can of beans. Fair enough, it's the basket till. Only, after I give him his change he takes a wad of £20 notes out of his pocket and informed me in broken English that he wanted them changing into £10 notes.
£220 in all.
...... I really couldn't believe it at first, but I had enough to do it, so I checked through the £20 notes quickly to make sure they were REAL (Which they were as far as I could tell) and counted out £220 in £10 notes quickly for him. I give him the £10 notes and was about to put the £20 notes in the till when he gives me the £10 notes BACK and informs me in broken English something about "In change".
"You...want all that in change?" I reply to him back. He just kept rambling on and didn't really answer. I informed him that no, if he wanted it IN CHANGE I wouldn't be able to do it. So he said it didn't matter, took his £20 notes back, left me with the £10 notes and left.
.....I have absolutely NO idea what that was about but it irked me that he was trying to use a supermarket... AS A FREAKIN BANK!
Urgh D| And I honestly think that was his plan, he bought one tiny can of beans, then asked me to do that... I honestly think he bought the beans, just to get through the till and ask me to do that.
It's not the first time foreigners who can barely speak English have confused the hell out of me by saying one thing then TOTALLY CHANGING WHAT THEY SAID!

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